Opening a business from scratch

Opening a business from scratch is the dream of many Italians who, despite the fear, the limits of the Italian bureaucracy, the often unfair taxation and an endless series of checks that can be received on a daily basis continue to set up on their own day after day.

However, opening a business and making it sustainable and successful over time is a difficult and difficult task.

According to a study carried out by the Studies Office of the CGIA , 55.2% of the companies close their doors within the first five years of life.

Such a data can only make us think about the problems inherent in opening a VAT number, problems that are too often overlooked by those who, with a light heart, decide to start their own business.

Another quite alarming figure is that of the size of companies , in fact over 95% falls under the classification of ” micro-enterprise “, that is, a company:

under 10 employees;
within the 2 million euro turnover;
with zero or almost profits.
It is therefore essential to answer a question: is it possible to open a business of 0, overcome the first difficult years of activity and let your company grow?

The problem that all new entrepreneurs have is that they are essentially technicians or skilled workers who set up their own businesses but do not have entrepreneurial skills.

The same observation applies to freelancers , who are doctors, lawyers, architects, who think that in the name of their degree they will see themselves flying in their pockets automatically.

The same is true even when talking about non-graduate self-employed workers.

A plumber, a mechanic, an electrician think that knowing how to do the job well is enough , then as people talk about it and by word of mouth they will be fixed all their lives.

Maybe because it’s how it went for their father or grandfather, but today things have changed a little.

Even when talking about exhibitors, the concept does not change. A hairdresser opens his business because he thinks he is a good technician or a good hair technique.

But he has no idea how to do business and run a salon. Same thing for a beautician for example.

Whoever opens a restaurant usually does it because they think they have a particular kitchen or know how to serve their customers in a particular way, but they have no real idea of ​​how a business is carried out in the restaurant business.

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