How to open a finance company

In the last few years the financial services sector has grown so much. If until a few years ago companies and entrepreneurs were asking for a loan because of income fluctuations, today things have completely changed. Even the private trust of financial companies to get a loan.

The financial intermediation agencies , therefore, have become very competitive as the Lenders, both for subsidized interest rates for a short time nell’elargire the sum of money required.

Precisely because of what has been said, opening a financial company for many represents an opportunity not to be missed because of the gain that could be obtained. But be careful, for those who intend to open it, they must be very careful about different aspects and evaluate well whether it is the case or not to start the practices.

Not everyone knows it, but if opening a financial company means earning money, on the other hand, however, the risk of incurring losses is very high, especially if you do not have the right experience and expertise in the aforementioned sector.
The market is always evolving so if you don’t know the right rules here is that failure is just around the corner.

So our advice is: do you want to start a finance company ? If your answer is yes, then it is very important that you know some things in a way that carefully assesses every single aspect before entering a delicate area like funding . Before going into the topic, we recommend reading the section on how to start many other activities if you still have any doubts.

Open a financial company: bureaucratic process
Let’s start from the bureaucratic obligations , here are the fundamental steps:

Opening of the VAT number at the Revenue Agency ;

Registration with the Register of Financial Consultants;

Enrollment in INPS and INAIL ;

Registration in the register of companies at the Chamber of Commerce ;

Report the activity to the municipality at least 1 month before.

Naturally, in addition to these requisites, one must also possess a suitable qualification and the person who intends to start a financial company must possess the requisites of integrity, professionalism, capital and independence.

To enter the business world you need to have in-depth knowledge of the industry otherwise you won’t go anywhere. Knowing the market trend is therefore fundamental if not even mandatory.

In order to open a financial company , in addition to being in possession of the appropriate qualification, it is necessary to pass an evaluation test called by a special body. After a series of accurate evaluations on the part of the Body, we will proceed with the registration in the register and therefore we will be able to practice the profession.

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