How to find new customers, even if your sector seems more difficult than others

How to find new customers? This is the crucial question facing anyone who runs a business that involves selling products or services to others.

Precisely because the subject appears very vast – as it is true that initially it can scare you for its depth – many people are literally stuck inside a mental trap that is called:

“But my sector is different.”

In practice, subjected to a method, a strategy, a technique to find new customers, where the example is not made exactly on their sector, their brain closes hedgehog and leads them to reject the proposed content making them scream with the cadence rhythmic typical of a cuckoo clock:

“Different sector! Different sector !! Different Sector !!! ”

But is it really so? Are there really “different sectors”? The answer is simultaneously ” Yes and No ” depending on the observation point and the results to be obtained. Let’s find out the solution to this puzzle once and for all.

Over the years, an infinite number of people have repeated to me and my teachers, characters from the level of Al Ries and Jay Abraham, as a broken bell to mention the first:

“Yes, I understand that this thing works in the XYZ sector, but my sector is different!”

At the beginning of my career I was much younger, foolish, dreamer and naive, and I even thought that people could change their minds.

Now that I’ve discovered that people don’t change their minds , I just talk, write and teach those and those who are so open minded and smart enough to have a level of reason that can overcome the mental blockages caused by fear. arrogance, stupidity, dullness, negative pride, etc.

I’ll tell you this to make you laugh: one day I accompanied my student to Atlanta for a joint consultation with Al Ries and Laura Ries.

At the end of the consultation, my student returns home with his placement plan, visual hammer etc … and the answer he receives in the company is as follows:

“But what does Al Ries know about our industry?”

You understand well that already before this question you should let the curtain go down sadly and put it away. However, not understanding the paraphernalia (that is the fact of being in front of people not willing to listen in any case), the poor unlucky person tries to reply with a series of incontrovertible data, not least the direct success of Great Wall as the most important producer Asian automaker.

The answer that follows of course is:

“Eh, oh well, but those are in China. It’s different with us! ”

(and you will understand …)

You understand well that, when you don’t want to listen, this excuse of the “different sector” then ends up in a thousand ways with:

the different area;
the different audience;
the different product;
different customers;
and a malignant tumor in all things branches like metastases.

The mother of all excuses.

If people, when it comes to understanding how to find new customers, respond to Al Ries or Jay Abraham in this way, you understand why I decided to put the touchiness aside and raise the white flag towards the Ayatollahs of the “different sector”.

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